I am proud to serve San Francisco and City College as a trustee, and I ask for your support and vote to continue serving.

San Francisco City College students represent the future of our city in terms of diversity, background, and potential. City College touches the lives of nearly all of us, and the contributions of its students affect us all. I think that everyone should have the ability to rise above any Bacharach Pic-LowRes - Copysituation and have the opportunities that higher education offers. Community College represents that ability. It is up to the Community College Board to ensure that City College can provide for everyone the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to work toward success.

Higher education is the foundation of creating a developed, productive society, and it often begins in community college. My own experiences in Community College and higher education sparked my passion for education policy and civic involvement.

This passion transformed my life and ultimately led me to obtain my Ph.D., to tutor and mentor students, to teach at a university level, and to develop high-standard curricula. It also led me to conduct policy research and to serve on several Boards and Task Forces, including the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee, the National Council of Jewish Women, the United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking, and the Richmond District Neighborhood Center. I am also an Emerge graduate and an elected California Assembly District Delegate.

Since being elected in 2014, I have introduced a resolution calling for Proposition 13 reform, co-sponsored a resolution calling for gun safety and gun control, and re-established and co-chair a joint committee between CCSF and SFUSD to better coordinate between our two institutions.

I will continue to prioritize the overall stability of the institution as a whole and ensure adherence to the accrediting agency’s standards. The primary objective is to keep City College open, accredited, and top quality. My goal is to harness the success of City College graduates in the community to create an alumni network to mentor current students, to provide expansive practical internship opportunities, and to help fund the future generation’s educational aspirations. I will continue working to ensure that all stakeholders are held accountable to a professional standard and to make San Francisco City College one of the highest ranked community colleges in the nation. I will continue working to make San Francisco City College accessible, available, and affordable for the entire community.

  • Accessibility: My experience in teaching has afforded me the opportunity to work with nontraditional students who balance work, family, and school. In making education equally accessible to all, it is my aim to create new opportunities for those students who may have been denied support and attention, and to overcome some students’ barriers to progressing in higher education. This includes providing the necessary counseling and advising required for student success.
  • Availability: It is my aim to ensure that necessary classes are available in a timely and convenient way and that academic freedom is balanced with good governance and oversight. Community College should be available for the entire community, including those seeking a degree, those looking for vocational and other skills, those learning English as a second language, and those seeking to enrich their lives
  • Affordability: By ensuring that students have access to affordable education, the Community College Board can create an opportunity for San Francisco students to succeed in life while also improving the city and the life of its residents. I will assure affordability by supporting budget policies that prioritize appropriations to City College and by partnering with community businesses and agencies to expand funding resources

City College currently has one of the most cohesive and functional boards in recent history. I look forward to building on the momentum that we have gained over the last two years.